Articles and Reviews


Ceramics That Kill, Quilts That Admonish: Linda Lighton and Jessica Wohl, by Blair Schulman

"In New Show, Kansas City Artists Hope To Provoke More Than Thoughts And Prayers," by Anne Kniggendorf, KCUR.


Article on gun violence and women, in "Of Note Magazine" by MacKenzie Leighton, The Gun Issue, Summer 2017.


Flora and Fauna, Brinton Museum, Big Horn, Wyoming, Nancy M. Servis, January/February 2016, NEW CERAMICS magazine.

Desire, Belger Arts Center, Dana Self, KC Studio, March 18, 2016

Ceramics (The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art) Catherine Futter, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, KC MO


Removal of art in Overland Park exhibit generates discussion about hate. Article by Mary Sanchez, 2/11/2015 (2/11/15), from The Kansas City Star.

American Gun Show Exhibition Explores a National Obsession, DJ Pangburn, The Creators Project, Vice


Kemper at the Crossroads exhibit highlights Kansas City artists' vigor and invention. June 6, 2014 article in The Kansas City Star. Excerpt: "Among the experiments are a set of collaborative sculptures by Mark Southerland and Linda Lighton, fusing his brass instruments with her organic porcelain forms. Dziedzic relates them to the entwined histories of jazz and the visual arts, but these disparate conjoinings also hark to the famous surrealist line about the 'chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella'."

Meditations from the Middle. Review by Alicia Eler (May 2, 2014) at of the group exhibition The Center is a Moving Target at the Kemper Museum of Art's Kemper at the Crossroads.


Ceramics Art and Perception #93. pg 12-19. by Tanja Hartman.


Gun Art: Linda Lighton's 'Taking Aim' Series Explores Attraction and Repulsion of Weapons. Online article at Huffington Post.

Linda Lighton and Taking Aim are suddenly on target, The Kansas City Pitch, by Tracy Abeln.

New Growth: Linda Lighton & Mark Southerland. Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, KS. March-April 2012. (program text)


"Celestial Terrestrial" group show, guest curated by Elizabeth Kirsch, Greenlease gallery at Rockhurst University, Kansas City MO. Read the review.

"Between Thee and Me," Kansas City Jewish Museum, Overland Park, Kansas (article)

Tanya Hartman, "Linda Lighton's Luminous," Ceramic Art and Perception #84, pg 48-50

Alice Thorson, "Lighton Program makes ambassadors of artists," The Kansas City Star, July 1, 2011

Tara Polansky, "What's going on in Kansas City," Ceramic Art and Perception, #83


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